What have I made?


A clever and addictive math puzzle game

[RELEASED on iOS and Android]


Plus 15 is a math puzzle game that feels a bit like Sudoku. You have a grid of numbers which you need to group up so that the numbers in each group add up to 15...and each puzzle has 15 non-overlapping groups...and there are 15 puzzles in each level...and yes, there are 15 glorious challenging levels! How many more 15's can we pack in to this game?


Jupiter Omega

A virtual reality adventure game. Defend Callista



Jupiter Omega is, at its heart, a fun and exciting VR asteroid shooter with a humorous yet mysterious story wrapped around it. Defend the science observatory from rocks, bigger rocks, maybe some aliens, and whatever else the universe tries to throw at you!   



A 3D world-wide multiplayer word search tournament that runs every 4 minutes 24/7

Challenge your friends, your co-workers, the world!



Words Cubed is a daunting, face-paced, word finding tournament game that has been in development for a long time. It was once a mobile game but it is now nearing completion as a VR game for the Oculus platform. 



Save the galaxy from the invading Polyhegrams

[Released WP7,WP8.1, Win8]


The spiritual predecessor to Words Cubed. A mobile game for Windows Phones and tablets that had puzzles, head to head games, and multiplayer competition. It even had a story and lots of alien life-forms that you could save from the evil dominating Polyhegrams! 



A dungeon crawling multiplayer shooter with tilt-action

[Released WP7-WP8.1]


A re-imagining of the old-school game NetSnipes with randomized dungeon mazes populated with enemy 'Snips'. It had a unique control scheme - tilt to move, tap to shoot and guided missiles too. Local and Internet multiplayer, cooperative or free-for-all. Alas, the Windows Phone did expire so this one is gone.


Bubble Wrap Pop

Bubble Wrap Pop

Satisfy your Bubble Popping Needs

[Released WP8.1]


 This one was made around the time that bubble wrap was being taken off the shelves. How would people satisfy their bubble popping cravings? An endless runner style game where you need to pop certain bubbles as the sheet rolls at ever increasing speed in random directions. See how long you can last before you pop the wrong bubbles. 



An endless Simon Says game where you spin, tap, shake, flick and pull on an odd combination of gadgets that form the ThingAMaJig

[Released WP8.1] 


A little energy waster for small kids and fun adults where you tap, spin, shake and jump to make the ThingAMaJig do its thing. Like "Simon Says" but with your phone and a bunch of friends to pass it around. Who will be the one to mess up?

Heart Attack

Heart Attack - GGJ 2013

3D Tunnel shooter where you play a nano-bot traversing the arteries of a patient and eliminating clots while avoiding the hosts defenders



A Global Game Jam collaboration which has you piloting around the circulatory system of a patient in distress. Enemies are timed to the music, avoid them to get to the heart.


Poidin - by DragonFish Games

A 2.5D space adventure game where you play a small but potentially enormously powerful sentient machine whos sole purpose is to consume.


Poidin is a small, confused but very hungry machine. It just wants to survive! Use incredibly extensible arms to grab, swing and destroy your enemies. Provided all the development work for this unpublished game.


Legend of Morph

Legend of Morph - GGJ 2010

The theme of the GGJ was stealth and change so our group created a 2D platformer where the creature, Morph, can change shape to confuse its enemies



My first Global Game Jam collaboration with a talented group of artists and other developers. 

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