Who is Late Night Apps?

My wife and I in Banff


Hi there, it looks like you might be curious about my company, Late Night Apps? Well first off, my name is Rob and I am a software developer with almost 25 years of professional experience writing oil and gas exploration software. That's great you say but why is this website filled with games?


Well you see I've been interested(ok maybe a bit obsessed) with writing games since I was just 13 years old. Back then I just made cool little games for myself on my Apple IIc. I did this because I had no idea how to get things out to the world and it turns out I was really bad at finishing things back then. Fortunately for me computers and game development became much more accessible over the years, and as I got older I figured out how to actually complete some of the projects I worked on.  


LateNight Apps Logo

This is around the time when Late Night Apps was born(yes I'm finally talking about the company). In my Game Dev journey I discovered that most companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple liked to work with other companies so I felt I should probably do something like that. The name was inspired by the many hundreds of hours I was spending in the wee hours of the morning trying to make that one game that everyone would love(I haven't quite made it in that department but I am still trying). Also, I created the logo to symbolize my working conditions and at the time monochrome logos were all the rage.


Through my company I hope to continue working on fun, engaging, and unique game ideas so that I can share them with all of you. Have a look at the rest of the website to see some of the projects that I have contributed to, collaborated on, and created myself. 


Oh, and thanks for popping in!



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