What have I made?

Plus15 - Sumthing Fun


A clever and addictive math puzzle game

[RELEASED on iOS and Android]

Find the unique 15 groups that add up to 15

15 Levels of 15 increasingly difficult puzzles

Daily Puzzles. New challenges daily

Created for iOS and Android


Jupiter Omega


A virtual reality adventure game. Defend Callista

[Early Alpha]

  • Defend against waves of asteroids
  • An episodic story with stunning visuals
  • Upgrade your weapon to improve your chances
  • Discover the mystery of Jupiter

Words³ - The Next Dimension of Word Puzzle Games


A 3D world-wide multiplayer word search tournament that runs every 4 minutes 24/7

Challenge your friends, your co-workers, the world!


  • 1000's of puzzles to play with 100's of words on each puzzle for you to find.
  • Available in 6 languages with more languages coming soon
  • 3 puzzle shapes with a different challenge on each
  • Created for all 3 major platforms, iOS, Android and Windows Phone

VAP Squad Meme Machine

[RELEASED on iOS and Android]

A funny sound board with clips from the Voice Acting Power Squad

Official App for VAP Squad

Download and play your favourite sound bites from the VAP Squad show

Amusing animations

Countdown and links to the show


Polyhegrams - 3D word puzzle adventure


Save the galaxy from the invading Polyhegrams

[Released WP7,WP8.1, Win8]

  • Hundreds of individually crafted word puzzles
  • Unique story with beautiful hand-drawn planetscapes
  • Multiplayer, Head-2-Head, and Story modes
  • Over 90,000 downloads on Windows Phone 7,8.x and Windows 8.x

Snipes - Old School Maze Shooter


A dungeon crawling multiplayer shooter with tilt-action

[Released WP7-WP8.1]

A re-imagining of the old-school game NetSnipes

Randomized dungeon mazes populated with enemy 'Snips'

Unique control scheme - tilt to move, tap to shoot

Local and Internet multiplayer, cooperative or free-for-all


Bubble Wrap Pop

Bubble Wrap Pop - Endless Bubble Popping Extravaganza


Satisfy your Bubble Popping Needs

[Released WP8.1]

 3 Levels of difficulty

Ever increasing speed

Power ups and power downs

Online Leaderboard to compare your skill


ThingAMaJig - Endlessly Spin, Tap, and Shake


An endless Simon Says game where you spin, tap, shake, flick and pull on an odd combination of gadgets that form the ThingAMaJig

[Released WP8.1] 


  • Game for small kids up to adults
  • Try and repeat the wonky behaviour
  • Online Leaderboard to compare your score with your friends
Heart Attack

Heart Attack - GGJ 2013


3D Tunnel shooter where you play a nano-bot traversing the arteries of a patient and eliminating clots while avoiding the hosts defenders


  • Many types of enemies with different attack styles
  • Obstacles that need to be avoided or eliminated
  • The speed increases as clots are missed
  • Music is timed to the events in the game

Poidin - by DragonFish Games


A 2.5D space adventure game where you play a small but potentially enormously powerful sentient machine whos sole purpose is to consume.

  • Poidin grows as it consumes.
  • Uses the massively extendible and flexible claws to swing debris around
  • Powerups aquired from debris being swung
  • Cute story about an escaped experiment becoming the scourge of the galaxy as it discovers itself.
  • Did the initial development work for Dragonfish Games. Currently shelved.
Legend of Morph

Legend of Morph - GGJ 2010


The theme of the GGJ was stealth and change so our group created a 2D platformer where the creature, Morph, can change shape to confuse its enemies


  • Written in XNA using FlatRedBall in 48 hours
  • 4 developers, 2 musicians, 4 character artists and 1 designer (INSANE SIZED GROUP)
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