Who am I?

Robert Currie

My Wife and I in Banff, AB

I am a software developer with over 20 years of professional experience writing oil and gas exploration software. However I've been interested(maybe obsessed) with writing games since I was just 13 on my Apple IIc computer. Back then there was almost no way to get my little games out to the masses so I just made cool little games for myself. Eventually I got an Amiga computer where I discovered I was pretty good at pixel art and so in between art peices I tried my hand at some larger projects, mostly RPG. My vision usually exceeded the capability of the hardware and the time I could spend tinkering.


Then life happened. University, marriage, kids and a full-time job which kept me pretty busy for quite awhile. It wasn't until I got ahold of my first Xbox 360 that I managed to get back into the mode of game development. Back then Microsoft had the Indie Game channel which I tried really hard to get a project out for. Unfortunately my ambitions got the better of me and my projects were once again too large to complete in time, especially with my restricted hours for development(10pm -1am). But it was step in the right direction because I met lots of like-minded people in the XNA club who were all working on their own projects.


From 2011 on it has been a fast-paced roller-coaster ride. I did the finishing work on a few projects for Science Alberta: Hurry HardThe Dirt on Soil and Flight of the Kelvins and created a 3 level working demo of a game called Poidin for Zensoft Studios. After successfully burning myself out on those projects I took a break but then eventually jumped into mobile on the 'new' windows phone platform and created several games and apps including Snipes , Bubble Wrap Pop, ThingAMaJig, Pattern Planner, and Polyhegrams .


Polyhegrams was especially promising due to my involvement with AppCampus, a joint venture of Microsoft, Nokia and Aalto University. I managed to complete the game for the program, spent some time in Finland learning about marketing and design, and walked away with some prize money to help offset some of my development costs. I spent far too much time trying to get Polyhegrams working on iOS and Android however which really dragged down my enthusiasm. Polyhegrams did manage to aquire over a 4 star rating with almost 100K downloads on the Windows Phone store which was definitely a positive.


Since then I have pivoted on Polyhegrams game producing a much more refined game called Words Cubed, which utilized Unity3d for development. I am also collaborating on a math puzzle game entitled Plus15 and dipping my toes into VR with an asteroid shooter game entitled Jupiter Omega and the VR version of Words Cubed.


LateNight Apps

Company History

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LateNight Apps was formed in 2012 with the goal of creating unique and engageing quality and games for mobile platforms. In 2016 LateNight Apps was incorporated and began several partnerships on future projects. Going forward LateNight Apps will focus more on desktop and Virtual Reality experiences.

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